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Rules to make your stay with us enjoyable

In order to have a fun day, listed below are the park rules and general information that will help to make your visit more enjoyable. Please abide by them.

  • Slide restrictions do apply. Please read all signs and listen to all (staff/life-guards) instructions before using attractions. Persons not following rules are subject to removal from the park.

  • GLASS is absolutely FORBIDDEN inside the park.

  • The park is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. Lost and found is located at the Information office.

  • The attractions and swimming pools may require users to be free of rivets, glasses, footwear, cameras.

  • It’s compulsory to wear SWIMWEAR on slides and in swimming pools.

  • Persons wearing plaster casts or prosthesis may not use swimming pools and slides.

  • It’s absolutely FORBIDDEN for pregnant women to go on slides.

  • A free changing room and optional cloakroom are available for hiring the following: baskets, safes and float rings (limited number)

  • Information office and Complaint sheet available in case you request so.

  • A limited number of sunbeds are available for rent. These are not allowed in the green areas.

  • Please, shower before entering the swimming pools and slides.

  • Please, do not run.

  • Small children MUST always be accompanied by an adult.

  • Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE after entering the facilities.

  • All attractions and swimming pools will close fifteen minutes prior to park closing.

  • Operating hours and attraction availability are subject to change without notice.

In order to enjoy a pleasant and safe stay with us these rules may be changed by the management. In which case our staff will keep you informed.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy your day with us.

Decalogue of rules for customers in relation to Covid-19:

  1. Always keep the safety distance and avoid crowds, even inside pools. It is advisable to bring masks for specific moments.

  2. Always respect the signs and the indications given by our staff.

  3. Buy tickets in advance at or our app. Download the rules and food menu from the web, app or QR codes. Pay by card or other electronic means.

  4. Bring two towels: one to dry yourself and one to cover surfaces where you are going to sit. Wear specific footwear inside the facility.

  5. Park the vehicle leaving an empty space for separation. If this is not possible, avoid getting in or out of the car at the same time as others in adjoining vehicles

  6. Avoid touching railings, counters, doors, knobs, handles… Frequently use hydroalcoholic gel.

  7. Any and all purchases to be made by one person only (Purchase of tickets, rentals, bars, etc.)

  8. In enclosed spaces, respect maximum occupancy and remain for as little time as possible. It is not recommended to shower in the changing rooms.

  9. Waste management: Dispose of your mask and gloves in a separate bag.

  10. Persons at risk visit under their own responsibility. If you have symptoms compatible with Covid-19, refrain from coming or leave the premises.