Visitor Guide: How to safely enjoy AquaVera

Visitor Guide: How to safely enjoy AquaVera

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We are all aware of the situation we are facing during these difficult months. But it’s also true that when you come to AquaVera, you do it to have fun. Therefore, we’ve put together this guideline with recommendations and best practices for all of our users so that the fun isn’t at odds with your safety.

Please take 5 minutes to read it and make your stay at AquaVera as fun and safe as possible.



  • First of all, if you have symptoms or think you have the disease, please stay home!!

  • Don’t forget your face mask: from July 15th onwards, its use is mandatory in Andalusia.

    Within AquaVera you will have to use it in enclosed spaces and when taking a walk around the facilities, but it will not be necessary when on your sunbed or towel, enjoying a swim in our pools or making use of the attractions.

  • It is recommended that you bring two towels: one to dry and one to cover the surfaces where you are going to sit or lie down.

  • It is also convenient that the footwear you are wearing inside the AquaVera facility is different from the footwear you wear to get here.

  • In addition, and in order to speed up access, we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance on our website ( or through our app.


  • When you arrive at the AquaVera car park in your vehicle, leave a separate space between your car and the next one nearest.  Should this not be possible, avoid entering or exiting the vehicle at the same time as the occupants of the adjacent vehicle.

  • Put on your face mask.

  • Swap the shoes you’re going to wear inside the facility. We disinfect the parking and access to the park every day, so you can step out without risk.

  • Do not touch the other vehicles parked in the car park.

  • Keep the safety distance with other visitors.

  • You’re already getting to the box office…


  • If there is a queue when you arrive at the ticket office, use the face mask and keep the safety distance of 1.5 meters.  You will see that there are marks on the ground indicating the separation space.

  • Follow the directions of our staff at all times.

  • Keep your belongings with you: prevent anyone else from touching them.

  • Try not to touch or lean on the railings and barriers that separate the queue.

  • You’ll see park staff continually disinfecting the ticket counter. Please wait until they have finished doing so, before you approach.

  • Upon arrival at the ticket office, it is important that ONLY ONE PERSON handles the purchase of tickets.

  • Once at the counter, the first thing to do is to disinfect your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel that you will have at your disposal.

  • Try not to touch or lean on the counter.

  • Payment by bank card or electronic means is recommended.

  • You can download the Park Usage Rules from our app or by using the QR codes you’ll see at the ticket counters.

  • Now you’ve got the ticket! And abiding by the directions given by our staff, head to the main entrance. There they will ask you to show them the cooler (you know glass is not allowed inside), but they won’t touch any of your belongings

  • In order to collaborate and help the Health Authorities in case of regrowth, at the box office we will deliver a simple form with basic contact information to facilitate tracking. It is subject to the LOPD and it is voluntary, but we believe that we should all collaborate.

  • And that’s it! Go inside and enjoy your stay.


  • Once inside, please respect all the signs and any directions given by our staff. They are there for you.

  • The management of sanitary waste (masks, gloves) is very important; please, deposit these wastes in an exclusive bag; You can discard that bag when you leave, in a container that we will have for it.

  • As you may already know from our other publications, the pool water is disinfected and it is disinfectant. Therefore, the security measures regarding the COVID are those that you already know: keep the security distance of 1.5 meters at all times with other users who are not from your family unit or group and avoid crowds.

  • Please always keep to your right to avoid crossing visitors moving in the opposite direction.

  • Try to minimize the time you spend in enclosed areas (changing rooms, toilets…). THE USE OF THE MASK IS REQUIRED IN THESE ENCLOSED SPACES.

  • In order to increase safety, we have reduced our capacity, and we have adapted other services to the security measures in force. Therefore, you will notice that there are less sinks and WC´s available.

  • When using the WC it is important that you flush with the lid lowered.

  • As at the box office, avoid leaning on and touching other counters, such as the ones at information, cloakroom and floats, as well as railings, handles, knobs, doors…

  • You can rent hammocks, floats, safety deposit boxes… Everything is disinfected several times a day.

  • You will see that we have rearranged the hammock area so that comfort and safety go hand in hand. Please do not move the hammocks without first consulting our staff.

  • When using swimming pools and slides, it is very important that you shower before and after using them. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE THE MASK WHEN IN THE SWIMMING POOLS OR ON THE SLIDES.

  • With regard to the use of slides, you can do so normally. Remember: always keep to your right and maintain the safety distance of two meters in case there is a queue.

  • You can rest assured: the water in the pools disinfects the floats.

  • Regarding the swimming pools, you can also use them normally. We have reduced the capacity to avoid crowds. Merely follow the rule of keeping to the right when entering and leaving the pools and, of course, follow the instructions of the lifeguards.

  • We have marked the entrance and exit areas of the pools; Follow the signs when entering and leaving and, of course, the instructions of the lifeguards.

  • At the time of the Aquagym and other activities in the pools, keep the distance of 1.5 meters apart, follow the instructions of the monitor and, above all, enjoy !!


  • The rules that apply in our restaurants and bars are identical to the ones that must be adhered to outside our facilities.

  • First of all: WEAR YOUR FACE MASK to enter our bar or restaurant and use the hydroalcoholic gel that you will have at your disposal. 

  • Follow the indicated circuits, respect the directions, keep your safety distance and avoid leaning on the bars.

  • There are large billboards with our exquisite offer of sandwiches and burgers. In addition, you can download our menu from our website, through our app or with the QR codes that you will find on tables and posters.

  • In case you prefer the offer of our restaurant, it is recommended that you use the mask as it is an enclosed space.

  • You don’t need to take any dishes: it will be our staff who will serve it “on a platter”.

  • Obviously, all trays are disinfected after each use.

  • To use a table after another customer, wait for our staff to disinfect it. It is highly recommended that you use one of the two towels you have brought to cover the chair you sit in.

  • Enjoy your meal !!


  • When leaving the premises, follow the same rules: Put on your face mask. keep to your right, always keep your safety distance and avoid crowds.

  • Follow the staff´s instructions as well as the maximum occupancy established in the changing rooms: it is for your safety.

  • Try to spend as little time as possible in the locker room. This way we will avoid long waits and crowds. This is why health authorities have recommended to have your shower at home.


  • Don’t forget to have your picture taken.

By following these directions, you can spend a fantastic day in AquaVera, without compromising your safety or that of others. We’ll do everything we can. Well now, the main ingredients to safely enjoy your visit and not being confined at home again, are: individual responsibility and common sense. OUR SAFETY IS RESPONSIBILITY OF US ALL


Thank you so much for your visit!! We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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