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Choose from a variety of hot and cold dishes, as well as pizzas, baguettes, hot and cold chapats, dürüm, burrito, etc. and enjoy them on our terrace.

Menu Levante
Menu Poniente

Includes first and second course, bread, drink and dessert

A dish to choose, bread, drink and dessert



First courses

Macaroni – 4,50€

Mixed salad – 3,50€

Gazpacho – 3,00€

Salmorejo – 3,00€

Russian salad – 3,75€

Summer salad – 3,75€

Rice salad – 3,75€

Sea mouths – 3,75€

Roasted pepper salad – 3,75€

Potatoes with allioli – 3,75€

Vegetable stew – 3,75€

First dish of the day – 3,75€

Second courses

Baked chicken – 5,00€

Meatballs – 5,00€

Chicken wings – 5,00€

Breaded squid – 5,00€

Nuggets – 5,00€

San Jacobo – 5,00€

Cannelloni – 5,00€

Paella – 5,00€

Lean with tomato – 5,00€

Omelette – 5,00€

Croquettes – 5,00€

Lomo in Sauce – 5,00€

Fish – 5,50€

Lasagna – 5,00€

Rusted chicken – 5,00€

Fish – 5,00€

Second plate of the day – 5,00€


Flan – 1,60€

Yoghurt – 1,50€

Custard – 1,75€

Portion of cake – 2,50€

Fruit – 1,60€

Peaches in syrup – 1,60€

**A selection of dishes from above are available daily.


If you prefer to take the food to your hammock, to the terrace, to the picnic or where you want you are in the right place. The COMBIOS make it easy and you have a great variety to choose what you want:

  1. Gourmet Hamburger: 220gr Beef burger with caramelized onions, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, to lick with taste for only 7,50€

  2. Classic Hamburger: Mixed Hamburger, Tomato and Lettuce for 5,00€

  3. Crispy Chicken: Chicken burger with crispy breadcrumbs, lettuce and mayonnaise for 4,50€

  4. Hot Dog: Oscar Mayer Hotdog with Crunchy Onion for3,75€

  5. Sandwich: Ham and cheese ham sandwich for3,00€

  1. Chapata: An exquisite chapata bread for 5,50€: You can choose between these varieties:

    1. Serranito: Grilled loin, serrano ham and fried peppers.

    2. Madrileño: Calamares a la romana and mayonnaise.

    3. Kikirikí: Grilled chicken breast, bacon and cheese.

    4. Cocoricó: Breaded chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

  1. Baguete: Delicious freshly baked baguette for 4,50€. Choose your favorite among these:

    1. VEGETABLE: Tuna, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

    2. ESPAÑOL: Potato omelet with fried peppers.

    3. CLÁSICO: Bacon and cheese.

    4. CATALÁN: Serrano ham with tomato.

  2. DÜRÜM: All the taste of kebab chicken meat wrapped in a delicious pancake, for 5,50€

  3. BURRITO: Delicious pork burrito marinated for 4,50€


  1. Fish & Chips Combo: Baked bread, chips and drink for 8,00€

  2. Pizza Combo: Choose your pizza among our 5 varieties (ham and Cheese, margarita, tuna, 4 cheese, special pepperoni, vegetable pizza or ham and mushrooms) and accompany it with your favorite drink for only 9,50€

And to bite …

  1. CHICKEN NUT, Tasty nuggets of chicken breast with crispy batter for 3,75€

  2. NACHOS. Nachos, pork, cheddar sauce, guacamole, four cheeses for 6,00€

  3. SPECIAL DIPPER POTATOES, Dipper potatoes, crispy bacon, four cheeses for 4,50€

** Drink: Coca cola, Fanta, Sprite or double cane.


Come and discover a new space to enjoy a relaxed moment while listening to music chill out and refresh yourself with a beer, a hail, a smoothie, a glass or our delicious mojitos. And why not an ice cream?

All in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.


Do you fancy something sweet and tasty? Always a good time to enjoy some freshly made fritters bathed in sugar glass, chocolate, dulce de leche, caramel … ..Why not a delicious waffle with cream, chocolate, fruit syrup … or whatever you like.

You can also opt for some crepes … ..amazing taste!!

Contact Information

  • Carretera Garrucha-Villaricos, 04621, Vera-Playa(Almería).


  • +34 950 46 73 37 / 09

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